Which Window Grill is the Best?

The idea behind a window grill is to provide security against unwanted intruders and also safeguard residents from accidentally falling over high-rise areas. Additionally, window grills also add a design element to most homes and since they are placed externally, they play a major role in the beautification of your building.

Clearly, we need a robust material that fulfils the purpose of a window grill that can be used extensively for the purpose of beautifying your building façade, protecting the inhabitants, keeping intruders at bay and so on. Now, if a grill can provide a bit more than this, it is definitely a cherry on the icing.

But, lets take a closer look at what kind of a grill can be thoroughly used to meet such a demand. What does a grill need to be made of? What makes a window grill ‘best’?

Modern design

Obviously, you don’t want bulky outdated designs exhibiting your personality on the exterior of your building. You want something that can give an ornate look to your building.


While high end design is one priority, safety always remains the number one priority. There are several functional options in the market offering immense strength. SS or Stainless steel is the strongest material one can use in window grilling. They also look sophisticated and have a superior finish.


“Time is a storm in which we all are lost”. Any window grill is strong until it can withstand the reality of time. As window grills, especially in high rises, are subject to extreme climatic conditions, you need a grill that can withstand such weather for long durations.


Last but not least, every installation site is a different story of its own. Some may be suitable for a certain kind of grills such as MS (Mild Steel), Cast Iron or Aluminium grills while some might not be suitable for bulky installations. Depending upon your installation site, only the grill most suitable for your installation is the most ideal option to choose. What’s the point of investing huge money on the most sophisticated window grill when it is compatible to your installation site?

Keeping these factors in mind, MSpace offers highly innovative Invisible Grills that are weather resistant, fire resistant, modern, strong and durable. They do not discolour, corrode, oxidize, weaken or lose finish over long periods of time. Made with best in class 316 marine grade stainless steel, they are a class apart in providing the ultimate safety solution to the modern constructor. Embedded with innovative alarm technology and strengthened to 400 kilo tensile strength, you are guarded from the inside out. Moreover, MSpace’s invisible grills are secured in place using Hilti’s fasteners and installed by technicians trained extensively to work with our Invisible Grills. Did we speak about how the sleek design of MSpace’s Invisible Grills blends so smoothly with the façade of your building that it can compete with any famous blacksmith?

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